Abreast (or two) his comfort zone

So I was chilling after school one night, relaxed in my room, listening to a video created by my Wellness teacher, playing some Minesweeper. The teacher was discussing various drugs and addictive substances. Here’s a transcript of the bit on anabolic steroids.

“… abuse of anabolic steroids has been linked with many health problems that range from unnattractive to life-threatening. They include acne and cysts, breast growth… *pause* Uh, male breast growth… *nervous snicker*”

I just found that amusing.

Conversation: I do not think that means what you think it means…

[After discussing an upcoming project, then being released to 'free study' time...]

Teacher: “Noah, Doug, do your work. I know you both have something to do.”

Noah: “But I’m being creative and using my imagination and engineering skills in Minecraft.”

Teacher: “No. That does not count. Do your work here; you can play Minecraft all you want at home.”

Noah: “But at home I have to do my work.”

Teacher: “…”

Doug: “You know, he does have a point.”

Labor Day

???????I wrote this in U.S. Gov/Contemporary Issues today. It was a rewrite for a fail-essay. (Everyone rewrote their essay, because they were all awful. No one included any of the three supporting reasons she asked for.) My teacher, Mrs. Coley, said she would enter it in the Constitution Day contest. I still don’t know what that is, though. I’ll Google it.

(Topic): Is the Constitution really necessary?

Rules exist to benefit those they apply to, and sometimes even those that they don’t. The Constitution was a document written for the good of all man, though more immediately for the residents within it’s effective boundaries.

The Constitution makes life better for all who live under it in several ways. It allows for civil and unalienable rights, and makes the maintaining of those rights it’s primary purpose. I believe it is the fairest government ever created.
One of these, and the most prized of these central rights, is the right to govern yourself. The Constitution fulfills this admirably. Considering how many citizens live in the United States, it would be simply impossible for every person to vote in favor of or against every law, and still allow ample time for debate! Instead, every citizen has the right to vote for the candidate whom they believe embodies their best interests. That candidate debates and votes for citizens of his area.
When you commit a crime, you are not tortured until you confess. You are not brought to the gallows and simply ‘dealt with’. Every citizen, once accused, is brought before a jury of his peers, who eventually decide whether or not he is guilty. Before that happens, the accused provide their evidence, and you are allowed to defend yourself. I believe, along with thousands of others, that this is the fairest possible way of deciding whether or not someone is guilty.
You have the right to do most anything that will not harm others, and does not violate other’s rights or property. You can go outside and talk about why you think our government is the worst in the world without fear of being imprisoned or even reprimanded.

The Constitution was created with the intention of revolutionizing many millennium of improperly balanced governments. It’s founders wished to rectify the eternal predicament of rulers oppressing the ruled. The only method they found- indeed, the only proper one that we know of- was that which centered upon the rights of the individual. It was created with the idea that a nation consists solely of it’s citizens, all of whom are equal, and that any authority figures became figures of authority by being elected to that position by their fellow countrymen. Thus, all have the right to lead and contribute to our fine Country. It is only those who have the ability to lead that do so.

-Noah Caldwell, 9/2/11????????ikoni