Slow down before turning, please (AKA pay attention while driving)

Today I was walking to chemistry and rounding the corner of an intersection when I heard squealing. I turned just in time to see a sleek, compact little red car try to make a sharp right turn much too fast. Its wheels screeched as the car drifted sideways, approaching a van in the turn lane of the road it was turning onto. It was one of those vans that a plumber, or an electrician, or some sort of service industry worker might drive. If you’re not getting the picture, imagine a stereotypical unmarked white van with a colorful, comfortably reassuring ‘not a pedophile- but still good with kids!’ logo on the side.
As the car drifted towards the van, I idly wondered if it was going to connect, and how hard. The red car stopped with a quiet crash. It was quiet relative to the prolonged screaming of the brakes, anyway. All was still for a few moments as my fellow pedestrians and I stared. Then, the red car slowly backed up. Its window was rolled down. I heard some raised voices. All I could distinguish was the phrase “get out of the car” said several times. Then, the red car’s engine gunned and it zoomed away. If I recall right, I heard a few quiet expletives before the van drove off when the green light lit.
I want to call that a hit-and-run, but I know that’s only for hitting people. I’m not sure what the police would call it. Leaving the site of an accident, I suppose? It was kind of scary to see because the signal for walking across the crosswalk was still lit. This person might have hit someone, had anybody been crossing. This occurred at one of the busiest pedestrian intersections on campus- in hindsight I’m shocked that nobody was crossing.