9/13/13 Wants

I want more time. Someone needs to invent a personal time machine that somehow doesn’t age you, so if I use it several times a day I won’t die at thirty. Maybe a normal time machine should be prototyped first.

A machine like that would give me time to do homework, practice piano, read the many books in my queue, get ahead of my classes by reading the textbook, keep up with my Edx and Courseera courses, peruse Khan Academy, examine the various languages that interest me, try composing some music, learn more about Java and C++ as well as the web suite of tools (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.), examine Haskell, find out what discrete math is, work on my merit badges needed to get to Eagle, learn more about nanotechnology and try to penetrate quantum physics, learn more about circuitry and basic electronics (and build a Tesla coil!), get my ham radio license, find an examiner for my NAP exam, finish Deus Ex and start the other games in my queue, and possibly hang out with some friends once or twice.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something; I might edit the post later.

EDIT: 10/2/13: I have completed Deus Ex. It was magnificent.

Overheard at the dadman’s work

“Abraham Lincoln was a vampire. They’re making two movies about it.”

“Hey, uh, you can’t leave until you code your share of the work. So… See you in ten years.”

“Nah, we’ll let him out. Once or twice.”

*indecipherable Chinese/Japanese/someforeignlanguagethatsoundsAsian*

“Man, I can’t wait for those movies to come out.”

“Ooooooh, I’ve got it.*

*uncontrollable laughing*