I just took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. It was… Interesting, to say the least. I look forward to any psychology classes in college. I was, ultimately, the INFJ type. (Introversion, intuition, feeling, judging.) I had a lot of trouble picking answers for this, especially the last question- judgement or perception. I eventually went with judgement because I shared more factors with that than with perception, but I was loathe to leave the ‘avoids commitments that restrict flexibility, variety, and freedom’ part of perception. ‘Works better without deadlines’, however, has been proven to be very true for me, as well as planning details. I was roughly half and half between those two.

Introversion is not at all surprising. I fit with that entirely, though I have a few symptoms of extroversion. I favor intuition over sensing, though I had trouble deciding this as well. I also found difficulty in deciding feeling over thinking.

Overall, that was very interesting and personally… Not personally revealing, but certainly personally clarifying. I’m still not sure I made the right choice in judging over perceiving. I look forward to psychology classes now. What an interesting subject.

The Monty Python Blues

I got a haircut yesterday. I was expecting the piles of mountains of curls to rise up to the heavens and put the Tower of Babel to shame.

The above passage was an incredible understatement. The people responsible for it have been sacked.

The above message has been found to exist only because of a conspiracy. The people responsible for the conspiracy have been promoted due to their go get em’ attitude. The people responsible for the message have been sacked.

The above message has been found to be only a prank by several high schoolers. The teachers of those students have been sacked.

The company responsible for the first message have become bankrupt. All agreements between it and other companies or people have been made null and void, including this passage and the ones above it.

Thank you for your time.

Band Concert

Tonight we’ve got a band concert at school. This is our first concert this year, and we have 5 songs, each of which I like pretty well. First we have Normandy Beach, we is very military-ish, obviously, and I play snare on it, then Pat-a-Pan, which I can’t really describe, but it isn’t that great, snare again, next is 2 Hebrew Folk Songs,¬† which is the actual name of the song, there are just two pages. The first page is slow and dark, but the next one is pretty bright and cheerful, and fast. I play bass drum on both. although the second one is much more fun to play. After that is Triumphal Overture, which I don’t really like, although I get to play suspended cymbal =) and crash cymbals :\. Finally, my favorite, Christmas Tribute, which is basically a medley of Christmas tunes, like Silent Night and Jingle Bells. I play vibrophone (made of metal) on it, which I like better than the xylophone (made of polished wood) , marimba (made of dark, unpolished wood) or bells (like a smaller version of the vibrophone, made of metal).

In past years we’ve always worn the band shirt, khakis, and close-toed¬† shoes. THIS year we’re wearing black pants, black shoes, a tuxedo shirt, and a bowtie. Thankfully I won’t have to do this again (excluding the other band concert this year) because I’m going on to marching band next year. I wonder if the songs will be similar to the ones we have right now. Probably not.


I just went on our annual skiing trip with my scout troop. This year we went to Winterplace, in East Virginia.

Friday: We arrived at the church, where Phillip and Scott were waiting for everyone to arrive. We started moving the boxes to the trailer, and as everyone arrived, they started helping too. When we finished, we said goodbye to our parents and piled into the van. It was a long way to the campsite, a couple of hours I think. We set up our tents and got into our sleeping bags quickly to avoid the cold.

We woke up and it was FREEZING cold outside! Literally- it was 18 degrees or so. We forced ourselves out of our sleeping bags, and ate a breakfast of bagels and hot chocolate. We all jumped into the van and drove up to the slopes, where we filled out paperwork for 20 minutes or so, then we received our ski gear and hit the slopes. Phillip and I skied together, and it was very fun. After that, we headed to the campsite, and Timothy stepped through some ice, getting his foot sopping wet.He spent most of the night sitting by the fire trying to dry his sock and his foot.

Sunday: We packed up and headed home.

The symphony

It’s that time again! A year has passed since I last went to the symphony. My dad found a couple of his blogging friends, and started talking with them for half an hour or so, but then we were told it was time to go in because it was about to start. We headed in and took our seat, near a couple of dad’s friends. They played music by Bach, and it seemed familiar. Probably because of all those movies with orchestras in it. It sounded like it would make good background music also, so I’m sure I’ve heard it before in some movie before. After they finished playing, we headed to the blogger’s reception, where we met the director and the soloist, plus dad got to converse with his blogging friends. There was wine and cheese, but I couldn’t have the wine, and I don’t like cheese, so I didn’t eat anything. I puked for some unknown reason towards the end, though I was in the bathroom so no one noticed. After that we left, and went home.

Today, most of the schools around us were closed because of the FREEZING weather, or were at least delayed, but we had to go anyway! It wouldn’t be so bad if everyone around us didn’t close…


I’ve been getting kind of bored lately. Whenever I decide I want to do something, I never end up doing it, because I’m always busy taking out the trash or something, or homework. It’s really annoying- plus mom and dad aren’t letting me have more then a half hour gaming each day because they think I’m addicted. They don’t even give me enough time to be addicted! I’m not saying I’m trying to get addicted, but even if I was, I wouldn’t be able to. What do they want me to do, play basketball? I’m horrible at it and I don’t like it. We don’t have a big enough area to play baseball, and when I play football, it’s never fun because my team always loses, and we never switch teams. Ben and Wyatt are practically addicted to airsoft now, and they ask me to play every day when what I really want to do is play on my computer. So every day it’s the same thing. I go to school, have homework, come home, Ben asks me to play airsoft, I have to do work, and then mom gives me a chore or two, usually garbage. Then I have to clean my room, because Evan goes insane with it whenever I clean it while I’m at school, and then it’s past seven so I can’t get on it. Sometimes the homework, chore, and cleaning my room gets replaced with babysitting Amy and Evan, but it’s still basically the same thing, over and over again! I wish we would get just one snow day, just one! Oh- did I mention that even though Mom and Dad say that games go off at eleven, they almost always say I can only have one hour??? Sometimes even half an hour!



It’s Fall Break! A week of nothing but computers, airsoft, and biking!

At least that what I thought…

Computers: I got a C, three Bs, and three As on my report card. Because of that, I have no internet or gaming unless it’s educational until I pull that C up.

Airsoft:Ben is my only friend that lives in my neighborhood and owns an airsoft gun that isn’t broken. Sure, he has three or four, but 2 are broken. No- 5, I think. My friend Wyatt and Ayrton used to have gun each, and Wyatt also had a pistol. Aryton broke his rifle, and Wyatt REALLY broke his AK-47, and I actually don’t know what happened to his pistol. *sits in thought for a couple of seconds while typing this*

BIking:The good news is, my scout troop is going biking this weekend, and I’m going too. Bad news, My bike broke, or else I’d have rode it all over the neighborhood and played with my friends a whole lot.

My mom said that if I post, I’d get an hour of gaming. I eagerly accepted, and now here I am. And now here I am not.

(Pss! If any of you still read this, whoever you are, please put a comment on here! I feel kinda lonely…)

Shining Rock #2

Hi! I just got back from my scout troop’s trip to Shining Rock! On the morning we left, I rode in Mr. Blalock’s car, with Phillip, Matthew, and Liam. We first drove up to Camp Daniel Boone, where we had spent a week about 4 or 5 weeks ago. That was where we let one of the patrols start from, the oldest of course. Then we drove another couple miles until we reached an old parking lot, as close to Shining Rock as possible, for a car. (Without going off-road.) We took our packs, and split up, going on different paths, because there’s a law there that says in the Shining Rock Wilderness Area, you can’t travel in groups of more then 10. If you do, and a ranger catches you, they will give you a fine. We started hiking, and at first it was kind of uncomfortable, but you got used to it. We hiked over mountains on the seemingly endless trail. Then it started raining shortly after we paused for lunch. It was raining lightly at first, but then it started raining heavily. And more heavily, until it was an all-out downpour of rain. It was raining so hard, I almost wished I was home playing a videogame! When we got to camp, we purified our water, and set up our soaking tents and changed from our soaking clothes into very, very damp clothes. Later, when it had stopped raining, we came out and ate, then went to bed. Nothing really interesting happened on the way back, though in the morning before we left, we climbed up Shining Rock, a big rock made of granite in the mountains, that I’ve heard can be seen from space. Then we hiked back to the all of our cars and left for home.