This last week I went to a Scout camp for a week. It is called Camp Daniel Boone. I took the merit badges:

Archery- Finished


Fishing-Only need to catch two different types of fish to complete.

First Aid-Finished

The food wasn’t very good, plus they pile it all together, not really caring if they put rice on top of your roast beef. (Half- cooked rice.) My campsite was about close to a mile away from the mess hall (which also happened to be where most of the badges took place.) The water was really cold, yet we still found a way to have fun- Jump into the stream! (It was colder then the lake.) After a couple of minutes, though, you start to get used to it. Meaning that you went numb. The stream ran all throughout camp, and you could often saw people fishing somewhere (mainly on the short stone bridge.) There was also a place called Boonesborough, which took about 40 minutes to get to, walking. It was mostly uphill too. (Grr!) But there they had lots of arts and crafts that you could do, and they had a tavern! It had chips, root beer, and cream soda. (All for a one time price of 19.95! Call now to get a %20 discount! 865-567-4200!) I bought a root beer. It was a brand I didn’t see much often, but it was pretty good.

Okefenokee swamp

I went camping (again) with my scout troop.We left at about nine o clock, drove the 8 to 10 hour drive into Georgia, and then went to the swamp. We got there at around ten, and had to camp at one of the mosquito- infested campsites. I’m not kidding, the mosquitoes were 3 times the size of the ones here, and there was about 5 times more of them. After we woke up and had breakfast, we went to the water, unloaded our gear and canoes, and canoed to Mixon’s Hammock. We carried all of our stuff on a path that was a quarter of a mile long then went backand forth until all our gear was at the campsite. We pretty much just set up our tents and lounged around for the rest of that day. The next day we woke up and planned where we were going. One group was going to Billy’s Island,and the oether group was going up the river somewhere. I don’t know exactly because I was going to Billy’s Island. We started out going up the river to the island, and then we stopped halfway to regroup. When we finished, my dad had a very smart idea. He decided to see who was carrying all of the adults’ lunch. Apparently my dad was also the one that volunteered to carry the adults’ lunch, and he forgot it. They debated whether to go back for it or buy lunch at the dock store, and the second option won. We went there, bought lunch, and decided (correction, the adults decided,) that we were going to the island anyway. We got there, walked around, and then headed back. Later that day, I ran about 2 inches away from an alligator that I didn’t see. The next day, we headed to Suwanee Sill.It was easy on the way there , but hard on th eway back because we were against the current. On Wednesday we packed up, left, and drove back to Knoxville. El fin

I’m back!

I’m back from caving! I think it was very fun and other people should go too. We got in the Church van, ate dinner at Fazoli’s, and then got lost… Timothy, Blake, Tommy, my dad, mr. Mccold, Scott, Cody, Phillip, Daniel, Mr. Brett, and I all went. After we had all packed up in the morning, if we had left then we probably would have gotten back at 10:30, and then we wouldn’t get to go on our always-important luncheon. So we decided to climb Raccoon Mountain. For a long time it was about 50 degrees upward. Now that was hard! I was ahead with some of the other boys and got almost to the top before the adults got there first. The reason they caught up with us is because we were going the wrong way and trying to scale a rock wall about 100 feet high. Meanwhile, everybody else was going on the path and finding it much easier to get to the top. It was very much fun! You should try it too!


I’m going caving next weekend with my scout troop. I hear that last year all the kids went on the hard course. There was two little kids and one of them ended up having to go home in the middle of the night with a broken wrist. That doesn’t really help my confidence… But anyway, it still sounds like fun. But don’t fear for me, for I know that you all don’t want me to die or fall or break my neck or… Never mind. My mom just asked me to stop. But anyway, this time everybody in my patrol (the newest patrol but still the most awesome) is going on the beginners so there won’t be any deaths or blood or organs or… darn it , my mom’s still watching me. But still, it sounds like fun.

I’m back! It was very fun, and at one point we had to squeeze through a hole about a 10 in. in diameter- on our back! After that, we had to crawl through Midget Madness, a tunnel shaped like a trench that had a low roof and even I couldn’t put one leg in front of the other! I had to sort of gallop my way it. Did I mention it was 30 feet long? Anyway, I had to climb up and down a rope, cross a tunnel that in the middle of it was a thin canyon that stretched down to reach even 20 feet! Some people had to carry their bags inside for about an hour and a half (WOW!) until they finally got to their campsite. Luckily for us, we were only a little ways in. I can’t wait to go again!


The Boy Scouts have started selling popcorn! (mmm… Popcorn…) My brother Tommy is a Scout too and he and I have been in three booths-together on every one. But I’m okay with it! If you want popcorn go to Kroger or Bi-Lo or wherever. Eventually you’ll find somebody whose selling!

…..TRAILS END IS THE BEST POPCORN IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m selling Boy Scout Popcorn.(YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!) First,my teachers. Then, the neighborhood.Then, THE WORLD!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like chocolate milk.=)

camping #2

I just got back from camping. It was very fun! I made a crossbow and gave it to Phillip since I already have a real bow. I swam in a water relay race. Here’s the strokes we used in order. 1.breaststroke 2.freestyle 3.sidestroke (me) 4. backstroke. We would’ve won, but somebody dived and got us disqualified. (We’re not allowed to dive.) Plus I went rappeling and built fires. And we shot 22′s. Camp rocks!


Tomorrow I am going camping at Camp Buck Toms for  five days.There’ll be swimming,archery,and shooting,fishing, and cooking, with plenty of other stuff to do!I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to archery and swimming! Bye!


I’m back from my trip,full of alligators,slave labor,long car rides and fun.We canoed UPSTREAM for about THREE MILES.There’s a workout… actually,more like fainting and falling in the rapids.(Like my friend Phillip, but in the shallows and not getting eaten.)WE SAW 270 ALLIGATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!