It is April Fool’s day. At school as soon as the announcements were finished, we had a fire drill that lasted FOREVER!!!!!I think it was an April Fools joke, but the teachers never said April Fools. I still think that it was. Phillip rode home on the bus with me today, and after we got off a bird pooped on his head. April Fools! He really did ride home with me, though. We got to my house, then we had to do our evil homework! (EVIIIIIIIL!!!!) Then I showed him my game, Starcraft. Then we pretty much did whatever until his mom came at 6:3o (Too early!) and picked him up. Then I did study island, which is a website that Knox County Schools uses that kids can study on. Then I looked at my mom’s blog (domesticpsychology.com), and she walked in and said that I couldn’t look at her blog unless I posted often. Then I wrote this post. At the end of the post I wrote “And then I wrote this post.” And then I wrote- never mind.


Here’s my final list of my birthday gifts.

Sarah and Amy -sisters-big fuzzy tentacle ball

aunt-uncle-cousins- Heroscape extra pack

uncle-aunt-2 mythbusters T-shirts

grandparents-arrows and target