Last weekend I went skiing with my dad and my boy scout troop on Sugar Mountain. One person in my troop went snow boarding. He got into a fistfight with the mountain. The mountain won. (He broke his wrist and had to go home when we got back to the campsite.) Phillip, Tyler and I took a lesson. By the time the lesson was done, we only had enough time to go down the beginner slopes once before it was lunch. I fell once at the beginning because a snowboarder fell right in front of me and my friends went ahead. Then my dad helped me up and we talked for five minutes or so, then I went zooming down the slope with my dad behind me, trying to tell me to slow down. About halfway down I found Phillip and Tyler; both of them had just fallen. I almost ran over Tyler’s handhold stick or whatever it’s called on the way past them, but I lifted up my ski went over it. Then I continued my rapid ascent to the bottom where I finally stopped and found out that my dad had been chasing after me the whole time. Then he said that it was lunchtime and I should go eat. So I went and looked for everybody else for about fifteen minutes or so, then I found them at one of the picnic tables behind the resort. After lunch I put on my skis and went down the intermediate slope. I got off at the first stop, about halfway to the top, then quickly skied down to the bottom. I was scared-I was going faster than I did on the beginner slopes, and I was once again passing everybody else. when I tried to stop on the slope, I couldn’t. I could stop at the bottom without crashing to stop, but it was still pretty scary. It was fun, though! I went down it a few more times, then once I decided to go the second stop. When I got off, I went speedily down the slope once again- although this time there was one difference. I crashed. I guess I was leaning forward too far, because I went rolling slash sliding down the mountain for about 30 feet. That was probably my favorite part. There was a snowboarder on the side of the path taking a rest, and when I fell, he said,”Dude, that was gnarly!” I fell once later on, but it wasn’t as big as this one. I want to go snowboarding next year!

The Symphony

I watched the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra! It was kinda boring, but still fun! I made friends with a guy named Max. He’s the director’s son. And I’m tired! I’ll write more tomorrow. See you later!

Back again!

My mom made me dress up. (sigh…) The theater was really fancy. I was pretty much the only kid there except for the directors son. I got to have coke and crackers. I met the director and the soloist (awesome!) at the PRIVATE Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Bloggers Reception!

All in all it was very fun!?????


Phillip and I just had a sleepover, and we played guitar hero 2 multiplayer,and sparred with fake foam swords.I beat him to a pulp.We also watched Spirited Away.It was fun!I wanna do it again sometime.