moping about

Time flies by sooooo fast. I could’ve sworn I posted here just a week or two ago.

I was feeling really down last weekend- I learned that I annoy someone who I thought I was becoming friends with, and I also felt I had let my mother down by accidentally badmouthing her. I didn’t say anything false or even misleading, but I just shouldn’t have said anything at all. So I moped for like an hour and a half Saturday evening when I should’ve been dancing at the ballroom team’s fundraiser.

The next morning I was laying in bed, still moping and beating myself up, thinking about how it sometimes feels like she expresses more concern for my other siblings than myself, and how I deserve it when I insult her like that, when I realized that she doesn’t worry about me because she has faith in me. She knows I can handle what life throws at me. My other siblings still living at home? They’re not there yet.

This whole thing is poorly explained because I don’t want to go into much detail on any of the aforementioned issues or my thought processes, but hopefully I communicated that little epiphany moment that made my day. Knowing someone believes in you can really help you believe in yourself.

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