I spent my first two years at college in the dorms on campus. They were… okay. Community bathrooms at the end of the hall were a mild inconvenience, but no real problem. I may have locked myself out more than once because the doors automatically lock when shut, but that’s what the lockout keys are for. The random roommates were decent. Freshman year my roommate tended to spend most of his time next door drinking, so I usually had to room to myself. Sophomore year was a little more difficult because my new roomie hardly ever left the room except for class and occasionally overnight study sessions at the library, and he had an irregular sleeping cycle that sometimes left him awake all night which I was trying to sleep, but that wasn’t that bad. I’m used to sleeping with earbuds in anyway (shh, don’t tell my mother– she’s always worried I’ll strangle myself in my sleep, but I’m still alive after a few years of this, so I’m not too worried.)

This year I’m living in an apartment within walking distance of campus, against my parent’s advice. We spent a while hashing it out, but in the end I signed the lease. I get my own bedroom (squeal!), share a bathroom with one other guy, and I have a kitchen. It’s a fairly nice place. Unfortunately, I made one critical mistake when looking at my finances to make sure I could afford the new living quarters– the apartment required a deposit of three months’ rent before I could move in, and I foolishly interpreted that to mean three months’ rent up front, as in three months down, nine to go. My finances are well under control now, but that was a lesson I won’t soon forget.

I make fun of my business major friends sometimes, but I have to admit, none of them would have made that mistake. They all know what a deposit is.

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