Let’s Build… A Castle! Part II

????????When I left off, I had established an area for my castle. Next, we need to create a bridge.

How’s that? I like it.
Now to find a tree (and hope I don’t accidentally blow it up).

I like that too. Finally, I get to blow up/burn down all the other trees! Mwahaha!

I also like fire. (I like it best!)
Hold on a moment. I feel an idea coming…
What if I make an escape route below the bridge, like so?

It looks a little odd, but the invaders won’t be able to tell while they’re charging over it, pouring into the castle as I escape right under their feet!

I feel smart now.

Okay, enough with that. I remove enough blocks to give me a guideline for the walls, then start digging down. After many swings, a few rocks dropped on my toes and at least as many swear words, I end up with something like this:

I already started building the floor. Now to finish, and create supports under the blocks.

Gah! It’s so… Boring! I can do better than that.

There we go. It’s all better now. Tune in tomorrow for the logical prequel to Tower Defense:

Tower Creation.

Also, I added a basement I mean dungeon.

Okay, adio- wait. Something’s wrong there, but I can’t quite… Whatever. Must be a trick of the light.

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