I found a Minecraft clone for the iDevice called ‘Eden- World Builder’. It’s not nearly as in-depth as Miecraft, of course; there’s no mining for one. You just build. Therefore, you have unlimited materials (sadly, they aren’t as varied). You can also place materials from much farther away. (roughly ten blocks. I haven’t measured it.) For my purposes, it’s fantastic. I need something to do in my spare time at school- not just some shooter or cheap puzzle game. This game doesn’t challenge you- it forces you to challenge yourself to see just what you can do with it.
It’s a lot of fun.



Here are some maps I found. You can look at maps people post, though only one person can be on the map at any given time. I suppose that helps it run, as there are probably absolutely no animations in this game. No character models either.

Here’s something I built:




I like it, but it’s just a rough draft. I’ve got some technique down, now I’m going to try and make something really impressive. More on that tomorrow.

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