Landmark II

I forgot to mention, the iPad came with a case. It’s the ‘smart’ case, meaning the front cover can fold into three plates that can, in turn, form a triangle which is used to prop the iPad up.
And yes, we are allowed to install apps onto it. I’ve already put a few games on it, each of which run a lot faster on the iPad than on my 2nd-gen iTouch. We just can’t play them at school.
Also, they’re iPad 2s.

Here’s a little more info about how we’re using the iPads:
English II: We downloaded ‘Bullfinch’s Mythology’ and started reading it in iBooks. So far, it’s a good read.
Latin I: Nothing specifically. She did mention that we were going to get a Latin dictionary soon, also in iBooks. And she let us take notes on it if we wanted to.
US Gov/Contemporary Issues: We looked up certain parts of the Constitution and it’s amendments to answer questions. For homework, we wrote up a paragraph for each of a few Founding Fathers then e-mailed it to her.
Algebra II: We had the option to use a whiteboard app for our work.

That’s all for now; I’ll have four different classes tomorrow. We’re supposed to be going almost totally paperless soon. That’ll be a relief- then I can stop carrying around eight folders and a binder.

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