Today, the teachers at the STEM school distributed iPads to all the students. It really is very nice, but I’ll reserve final judgement until I’ve used it for longer than half a day.
I’m writing this up on my iPad. The keyboard is essentially the same, but I can’t hit one key then drag my finger onto another key like I do with my Netbook. (That may not be how I was told to do it, but hey, it works. Pretty quick, too.) To be fair, I sometimes can. It’s not as regular, though. Other than that… Not many problems so far. The screen’s actually bigger than the Netbook’s, which is kinda pathetic. Score one for the iPad.
However, Apple won’t let someone make a Python (or for that matter, any programming language) terminal app. Their coding will let it be done; you can have one if you jailbreak your iPad. They just don’t want it. Maybe legal reasons? Maybe it’s an attempt to prevent someone from screwing their machine up? I’d say they just don’t want it. (It could be legal jargon. That seems less likely, though.)
I felt the need to document this historic moment. It could be the start of a fantastic new school that revolutionizes Knoxville’s education system. I certainly hope so. As far as I can tell, KCS just needs to realize that not all kids learn the same way. A lot of my teachers from years past didn’t seem to get that; fortunately, however, the teachers at the STEM Academy are doing very well with it so far. Especially the math teacher. She came flat out with it, saying she actually enjoyed thinking of new ways to teach the same stuff.
So yeah, I’m hopeful.

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