After a few months of nothing disturbing this poor server it’s gotta start working again. Hope it’s up to the challenge, and not too  out of practice. But back to why I’m here.

I was thinking that I couldn’t find much entertainment, so as I soaked in the nice HOT bathtub, I thought “Why don’t I try blogging again?” So here I am. I also thought of some topics, but this is only interesting one. (It’s also the only one I can remember at the moment, so…yeah.)

When I was reading the first Percy Jackson and The Olympians book, which I hear they’re making a movie of,  he referred to something as ‘sick’. Now I know that up north they refer to things as ‘sick’ instead of ‘cool’, which I use 24/7, although I use awesome too.

But I couldn’t help but think, when I’m old and aged, will I hear my kids or the young ones of that age say something like that? And will I fall into the stereotype of  “When I was your age, we didn’t have those fancy PS5s, oh no, we used the PS2 and the Xbox.” Or whatever the case may be. And would I tell them about how we did cool and awesome stuff, and they’d all boggle at me and say ‘Really? Wow, that’s weird. Nowadays we-” Or whatever the case may be.

Just a thought.

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