Okefenokee swamp

I went camping (again) with my scout troop.We left at about nine o clock, drove the 8 to 10 hour drive into Georgia, and then went to the swamp. We got there at around ten, and had to camp at one of the mosquito- infested campsites. I’m not kidding, the mosquitoes were 3 times the size of the ones here, and there was about 5 times more of them. After we woke up and had breakfast, we went to the water, unloaded our gear and canoes, and canoed to Mixon’s Hammock. We carried all of our stuff on a path that was a quarter of a mile long then went backand forth until all our gear was at the campsite. We pretty much just set up our tents and lounged around for the rest of that day. The next day we woke up and planned where we were going. One group was going to Billy’s Island,and the oether group was going up the river somewhere. I don’t know exactly because I was going to Billy’s Island. We started out going up the river to the island, and then we stopped halfway to regroup. When we finished, my dad had a very smart idea. He decided to see who was carrying all of the adults’ lunch. Apparently my dad was also the one that volunteered to carry the adults’ lunch, and he forgot it. They debated whether to go back for it or buy lunch at the dock store, and the second option won. We went there, bought lunch, and decided (correction, the adults decided,) that we were going to the island anyway. We got there, walked around, and then headed back. Later that day, I ran about 2 inches away from an alligator that I didn’t see. The next day, we headed to Suwanee Sill.It was easy on the way there , but hard on th eway back because we were against the current. On Wednesday we packed up, left, and drove back to Knoxville. El fin

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