I’m back!

I’m back from caving! I think it was very fun and other people should go too. We got in the Church van, ate dinner at Fazoli’s, and then got lost… Timothy, Blake, Tommy, my dad, mr. Mccold, Scott, Cody, Phillip, Daniel, Mr. Brett, and I all went. After we had all packed up in the morning, if we had left then we probably would have gotten back at 10:30, and then we wouldn’t get to go on our always-important luncheon. So we decided to climb Raccoon Mountain. For a long time it was about 50 degrees upward. Now that was hard! I was ahead with some of the other boys and got almost to the top before the adults got there first. The reason they caught up with us is because we were going the wrong way and trying to scale a rock wall about 100 feet high. Meanwhile, everybody else was going on the path and finding it much easier to get to the top. It was very much fun! You should try it too!

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