I’m going caving next weekend with my scout troop. I hear that last year all the kids went on the hard course. There was two little kids and one of them ended up having to go home in the middle of the night with a broken wrist. That doesn’t really help my confidence… But anyway, it still sounds like fun. But don’t fear for me, for I know that you all don’t want me to die or fall or break my neck or… Never mind. My mom just asked me to stop. But anyway, this time everybody in my patrol (the newest patrol but still the most awesome) is going on the beginners so there won’t be any deaths or blood or organs or… darn it , my mom’s still watching me. But still, it sounds like fun.

I’m back! It was very fun, and at one point we had to squeeze through a hole about a 10 in. in diameter- on our back! After that, we had to crawl through Midget Madness, a tunnel shaped like a trench that had a low roof and even I couldn’t put one leg in front of the other! I had to sort of gallop my way it. Did I mention it was 30 feet long? Anyway, I had to climb up and down a rope, cross a tunnel that in the middle of it was a thin canyon that stretched down to reach even 20 feet! Some people had to carry their bags inside for about an hour and a half (WOW!) until they finally got to their campsite. Luckily for us, we were only a little ways in. I can’t wait to go again!

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