I am trying to complete my Eagle project. I am building benches for the veranda in front of the L&N STEM Academy, a fairly new public high school located in the historic L&N Station and the Butcher Shop on World's Fair Park. The benches will be anchored to the ground and attached to each other in groups of four, forming a square around one of the trees. The square will be six feet to a side. I've consulted with a carpenter and he has assured me of the structural stability of the benches. A picture of a sketch of the benches is shown.

The STEM Academy resides in buildings that were not designed to house a school. There is no auditorium and no gymnasium. The only place for a large gathering of people is outside on the veranda. Sadly, there is no seating there. Outside groups also use the L&N facilities for meetings and events. Ceremonies at the Veteran's Memorial located directly behind the school utilize the L&N outdoor space.

The cost for a set of four benches to go around one tree is roughly $150. I would like to build two sets of four benches if I can find the funds. Hence, I am begging for any donations that individuals can give. Any aid given is going directly to a public school and the Knoxville community that uses the space. I guarantee these benches will be used and appreciated.

If you would like to participate in the physical construction, please contact me for details about the work date.

Thank you!

Donations so far: $280
Goal: $300